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by Florian Nöding

2008-12-12 Compiler Testing
Thoughts about testing compilers, specifically how behaviour driven testing is very useful

2008-12-01 Code Generation 2
Extending the compiler from the last post with more features

2008-11-29 Code Generation
Transforming the AST to generate code using the visitor pattern.

2008-11-24 Semantic Analysis
Syntactic correctness is not enough, programs have to be semantically correct. Find out how to teach your compiler.

2008-11-22 AST Postprocessing / Desugaring
Some syntactical constructs should be represented by the same AST structure. This article explains how

2008-11-20 From Source to AST: Lexer and Parser
Detailed explanation of the compilation steps to go from source code to abstract syntax tree

2008-11-16 Compiler construction tools
Description of the tools used to build my toy programming language Exoself

2008-11-15 Compiler Structure
Introduction into the concepts behind compilers: lexing, parsing and code generation